The Evolution of Electronic Document Management Systems by GxPi

How systems can support compliance in a regulated environment:

The webinar will consider the evolution in the development and delivery of compliance related document management systems using the challenges of managing Quality Management System (QMS) documents. It will look at the advantages of using documents in a SharePoint environment for working examples.

Over the last decade, the requirements of organisations around the implementation of compliance related systems have evolved, which has significantly changed the relationship between the people, process and technology.

The tendency now in the experienced organisations (those where EDM is in its 2nd or 3rd generation) is to implement a configurable platform, providing a set of functionality to support the users but not to make the system wholly responsible but operate in conjunction with the working processes and the decisions made by the users themselves. This change can be loosely described as a rebalancing of the people-process-technology triangle, which is often used to describe the implementation of systems.

This evolution has resulted in advantages in terms of usability, acceptability and reduced total cost of ownership in ensuring GxP compliance. READ MORE


23 March 2011 at 15:00 GMT