GXP compliant JIRA & Confluence

Partnership Announcement Radbee and CCS

CCS is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Radbee Ltd. London, UK. RadBee Ltd. offers software solutions for quality assurance in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. By tailoring JIRA and Confluence software to meet their clients’ specific needs, RadBee Ltd. creates quality management systems that make compliance easy and help organizations achieve more.

  • JIRA is a tracking software that, when customized for life sciences quality assurance, makes it easier to manage corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), nonconformities and customer issues, and to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs). Simple forms, rules and automatic escalations ensure regulatory compliance. Collaboration features help to get everyone in a company engaged with quality assurance (QA), and the intuitive dashboard and reporting show the bigger company picture, helping to highlight opportunities for improvement.
  • The Confluence collaboration platform enables clients to streamline their controlled document process. It allows multiple parties to work together to create better controlled documents, faster, and by keeping a record of all discussions about a document in one place, ideas and clarifications are easily accessed by users.

The two firms compliment one another’s solutions and service offerings and will work together to provide clients with excellent solutions and services for GXP compliance:

  • Validation of JIRA and Confluence
  • Setup of GXP (GMP, GCP, GLP, GVP, MedDev) compliant eQMS / PQS  processes (US-FDA, EMA, WHO):
    • Documents & Records Management
    • Training and Knowledge Management
    • Issue and Problem Management (ITIL)
    • Deviation / Non-Conformance Handling
    • Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions (CA/PA)
    • Effectiveness Check and Quality Reporting
    • Complaint Management
    • e-Validation Management (requirements, testing, traceability)
    • and much more

Contact us today at: talk@comes-services.com

Visit our Business Partner RadBee Ltd. for more information: https://radbeeqms.com/

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