CCS continues steady growth in 2010 and 2011

comes compliance services  is looking back to a very successful year 2010. CCS successfully increased revenues as well as hired a number of new professionals to further strengthen the compliance management teams. A number of local and global compliance projects were successfully finished, e.g. FDA audit preparations, eValidation implementation, Quality Management integration, Corrective Action planning and management, FDA independent review tasks, IT system validation, MES, BMS, and SCADA projects. 

In 2011 several projects will be executed by CCS including HP Quality Center integration as eValidation tool, a full compliance tracking team on customer site, new ERP andMES validation projects, new quality plan integrations and corresponding remediation plans.

Three new team members will join CCS in January 2011, followed by several other experts and professionals for the regulated industry and more than 20 days of public trainings are already planned for several topics.

 when it comes to compliance….